Coffee Tree - Plant - (Coffee Arabica) 130mm by Tradewinds Plants

Coffee Tree - Plant - (Coffee Arabica) 130mm

Tradewinds Plants

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Grow your own coffee at home.
142 beans per fresh cup of coffee.


Plant Habit: Shrub/Tree

Life cycle: Perennial

Sun Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade Partial or Dappled Shade

Water Preferences: well-balanced supply of water

Soil pH Preferences: Slightly acid (6.1 – 6.5)

Minimum cold hardiness: Not below 5 degrees

Plant Height: 3m to 4.5m outside

Plant Spread: 2.5m to 4m outside

Leaves: Evergreen

Fruit: Showy green drupe (cherry) turning bright red to purple at maturity, usually containing 2 seeds.

Flowers: Showy Fragrant scent similar to that of Jasmine.

Flower Colour: White

Bloom: 30cm

Flower Time: Spring or Late spring or early summer

Underground structures: Taproot

Pollination: Bees

Propagation: Seeds

Self-fertile: – One plant needed

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