Peanut Butter Tree - Bunchosia argentea

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No Not Peanuts....

The Peanut Butter Tree! 

Bunchosia argentea

This seems almost too good to be true but it actually tastes like peanut butter. Best picked on a sunny day where the fruit is nice and warm. Produces flowers after a year. 


Plant Habit: Tree

Sun Requirements: Full Sun – Part shade

Water Preferences: Well watered

Soil pH Preferences: Neutral (6.6 – 7.3)

Fruiting as far south as Shoalhaven NSW

Plant Height: 3m

Plant Spread: 3m

Leaves: Deciduous Broadleaf

Fruit: Edible

Fruiting Time: Year Round

Flowers: Showy

Flower Color: Yellow

Bloom Size: Under  30cm

Flower Time: Year Round

Underground structures: Taproot

Suitable Locations: Patio/Ornamental/Small Tree

Uses: Flowering Tree – Beautiful tasting fruit

Edible Parts: Fruit

Eating Methods: Raw

Pollination: Bees – Birds - Butterflies

Resistances: Powdery Mildew

Self fertile

Containers: yes, in sunny position with good amount of water

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