Jaboticaba - Plinia cauliflora, jabuticaba, brazil grape tree, brazilian grape tree

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Plant Habit: Tree

Life cycle: Perennial

Water Preferences: Wet

Soil pH Preferences: Moderately acid (5.6 – 6.0) Slightly acid (6.1 – 6.5)

Minimum cold hardiness: -1.1 °C

Plant Height:      3m – 4m

Leaves: Evergreen

Fruit: Showy - Thick skinned purplish-black betty encasing a white to rose-pink flesh. The flesh contains one to four seeds.

Flowers: Showy

Flower Colour: White - Growing directly from the trunk and around branches

Underground structures: Taproot

Suitable Locations: Patio/Ornamental/Small Tree

Edible Parts: Fruit

Eating Methods: Tea – Raw - Cooked

Wildlife Attractant: Bees

Resistances: Humidity tolerant - Drought tolerant

Containers: Suitable for larger pots with excellent drainage

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